Autumn Learning- Are there more deciduous or evergreen trees at forest school?

We are learning to identify some trees at forest school, including deciduous and evergreen trees. We found leaves near the trees and tried to identify them. We found oak, willow, silver birch, hazel, alder and holly.

Can you identify trees on the way home or at the park?

KS1 explorers cook onion soup!

Well what an end to our explorers topic! Having planted small onion bulbs in April, we chopped them and made onion soup on the camp fire. All the children cooked around the campfire safely and most enjoyed the soup! Over the last term we have learnt to solve problems (river crossing), make shelters and cook on a camp fire. What will the next half term bring?

Here is a link to the simple onion soup recipe

EYFS learn to make hiding places

EYFS learnt to make hiding places and much needed shelters for the terrible weather we have had lately. They learnt the names of different resources we use such as tarpaulin, rope, pegs etc.

Y1 pupils, learnt about different styles of shelters – tie on, lean to and tents style.

We then tested the dens by playing hide and seek.

Take a look…

Did you spot our new shelter at basecamp? – thanks to Mrs Ellis!

Ray Mears is championing forest school!

At Lever House we value outdoor learning and we feel our pupils love to learn at forest school. It provides pupils with opportunities to engage with nature, get physical outdoors, take in fresh air and has a positive impact on the well being of children. Take a look at what Ray Mears says about forest school…


What do you think he would say about Lever House forest school?

KS 1 explorers make shelters.

As part of our topic work about explorers we made shelters. The shelter had to fit us all in, be free standing and protect us from the wind and rain. We considered where we were going to make it and the resources we needed. We worked well in our cooperative groups. Take a look..

Watch this space for our explorer camp fire!

EYFS and EYFS/Y1 have begun learning at forest school.

For the Reception pupils’- they were introduced to forest school. We learnt about listening to each other, staying within the boundary, not putting anything in our mouth (unless it is drink/snack) and looking after ourselves, others and our forest school environment.

We explored basecamp, the mud pit, climbing logs and we made necklaces for some trees.

Meanwhile, Year 1 pupils were learning to work in cooperative groups. They pretended to be explorers making bridges to cross the river!

Take a look at our learning…

KS1 are pretending to be explorers at forest school

As part of our topic in class, over the next few weeks we are pretending to be explorers at forest school. This week we were learning to work cooperatively. We pretended that we had found a new land and we had to cross a gushing river. We used a box, planks and logs. We have to share ideas, work together and cross the river without letting our feet touch the river. Here are a few pictures from our activities…

Week 1 – adventures have started already!

Thank you to those who have already brought in forest school kits. KS1 pupils will begin outdoor sessions this week (week commencing 11.9.17) and EYFS next week. Already though we have harvested some of our crops – onions, lettuce and peas. We used the lettuce as part of school dinners on Friday and we have plans for the onions (they are just drying out at the moment in KS1 corridor). Thank you so much to Mr Morley for looking after the allotment over the summer holidays and Mrs Robb who looks after the KS1 flower beds and pots around school.

Thank you to those parents who have offered to help at forest school. We are looking forward to moving into the new forest school storage/room and learning outdoors!

We also had a visitor on our school grounds ‘Hog’ the Lever House hedgehog. Miss Roberts took him to a rescue centre and although he was unwell the lady reassured us that she knew how to get him better and he would be released back into the wild soon!
Click on this link to see the great work the hedgehog rescue centre does. It is all voluntary so there is information on the website if you would like to make a contribution.
Take a look at our adventures in the first week…

Welcome back!

Welcome to the Autumn Term 2017-18 and lots more learning at Lever House.

Please return named forest school kits to school in a named bag. This includes: wellies, waterproof coat, fleece, hat, gloves, thick socks, tracksuit bottoms/leggings and/or waterproof pants.

We have lots of spare wellies at Lever House. I will put them out for you to come and acquire on Friday (after school in KS 2 playground).
Please let me know if you have any kit missing – I may be able to find it or something similar!

Lastly, if you are interested in helping at forest school this year, please pop in and see me or email

Thank you.