KS1 explorers cook onion soup!

Well what an end to our explorers topic! Having planted small onion bulbs in April, we chopped them and made onion soup on the camp fire. All the children cooked around the campfire safely and most enjoyed the soup! Over the last term we have learnt to solve problems (river crossing), make shelters and cook on a camp fire. What will the next half term bring?

Here is a link to the simple onion soup recipe


KS1 Adventurer Project – Problem solving and team building

As part of our ‘Adventurer Project’ we had to make bridges to cross a gushing river. We learnt skills team building skills. Then we had to make team decisions about what to do next – either dig for treasure, climbing or shelter building. We learnt to compromise and be tolerant.

Next week we are using tools and pretending to hunt for for!