KS 1 explorers make shelters.

As part of our topic work about explorers we made shelters. The shelter had to fit us all in, be free standing and protect us from the wind and rain. We considered where we were going to make it and the resources we needed. We worked well in our cooperative groups. Take a look..

Watch this space for our explorer camp fire!

Year 1 and 2 pupils spot deciduous and evergreen trees.

We are learning about deciduous and evergreen trees, we then tried to identify and name common trees. In our cooperative groups we had to find a tree, decide what type of tree is was and then try to name it. We could take a short video, photograph of our group or selfie! Take a look a some of our work…

What can you spot when you are out and about?

Year 2 completed the Shelter Challenge

We worked in cooperative groups to plan, make, evaluate and test our shelters. It had to fit your group in, look good (including knots and whittled tent pegs), pass the wind and rain test and work well as a team. (Listen to each other, share ideas, take turns, and everyone do a job!)
Look at how we got on…