Autumn Learning- Are there more deciduous or evergreen trees at forest school?

We are learning to identify some trees at forest school, including deciduous and evergreen trees. We found leaves near the trees and tried to identify them. We found oak, willow, silver birch, hazel, alder and holly.

Can you identify trees on the way home or at the park?

KS 1 explorers make shelters.

As part of our topic work about explorers we made shelters. The shelter had to fit us all in, be free standing and protect us from the wind and rain. We considered where we were going to make it and the resources we needed. We worked well in our cooperative groups. Take a look..

Watch this space for our explorer camp fire!

KS 1 undertake the Big Bird Watch 2017

Some groups set up bird hides, other groups walked around the school grounds, as we undertook the RSPB’s bird watch 2017. We are learning to make tally charts, draw graphs and ask/answer questions about data, whilst collecting information about birds on our school grounds.

We saw lots of seagulls, wood pigeons and some blackbirds. We also saw a few blue tits, house sparrows and a robin. There are also some birds of prey that fly high above the M6 – could be kestrels or buzzards, which have been seen locally at Brockholes Nature Reserve.

Take a look …

What can you spot in your back garden or local park?

KS1 – simple bushcraft skills; shelter building

We had a recap on how to make a good shelter.

Our criteria: it must be free standing, all the group must fit in, it must shelter you from bad weather and we had to work cooperatively.

We recapped on how to make a ‘tent’, ‘tie on’ and ‘lean to’ shelter. We discussed where and how to make it then all got busy. We then evaluated them at the end against the criteria – what do you think?

KS1 Adventurer Project – Problem solving and team building

As part of our ‘Adventurer Project’ we had to make bridges to cross a gushing river. We learnt skills team building skills. Then we had to make team decisions about what to do next – either dig for treasure, climbing or shelter building. We learnt to compromise and be tolerant.

Next week we are using tools and pretending to hunt for for!

Key Stage 1 become adventurers!

As part of the topic work, What do we want to be when we grow up?, Key Stage 1 pupils are learning about the qualities needed to be an adventurer at forest school. We discussed cooperative team work, being brave, and skills like shelter building, finding food and fire lighting. We will also be learning real life adventurers like Ernest Shackleton, Edmund Hilary and Bear Grylls. We pretended we were in jungle, a rain storm was on the way and we had to build a shelter. Take a look…

Year 1 and Year 2 – Big Bird Watch

As part of our outdoor learning, Key Stage 1 children are undertaking a project – The Big Bird Watch Project We are learning about different sorts of birds, making bird feeders, making bird hides and then, at the end of the project, doing a big bird count. (Part of National bird count for RSPB)

We will the collect, sort, input and answer questions about the data we have collected.

See if you can spot our bird feeders in forest school and around the school grounds.