KS 1 – Identifying and using different materials for different purposes to make a shelter.

Mrs Macleod gave us some different materials and working in our cooperative groups we were challenged to make a shelter. The shelter had to fit all of our team in, be freestanding, shelter and hide us. We used different materials to enhance our shelters.

What materials are different objects made out of in your back garden?

Year 1/2 and Year 2 enjoy a safe fire.

As part of our Great Fire of London topic we planned to have a fire and test materials to see which ones burned quickly.
We talked about materials used to make houses today and houses in 1666. We tested a brick, a piece of slate, wood and straw. Can you guess which materials burned quickly?

Of course we had time to toast a marshmallow too!

Y2 making shelters using different materials and making willow animals.

Thank you to Mrs Hurst who came into school last week to work with the children to make some willow animals in our new forest. They are fantastic and link into our project after half term.

Have a walk through the new forest to spot the animals but please remind the children to take care of our new willow structures and do not climb on them or damage them in any way.

Please remind the children not to go on the banking – it is there for their safety.

Year 1/2 Mini Project – using different materials to make shelters.

As part of our learning about different materials, KS1 have been making shelters with different materials. We could use tarpaulen, branches, rope, fur, hessian and tin foil. We then had to talk about what we had made and say why we had used the materials.