KS 1 – Identifying and using different materials for different purposes to make a shelter.

Mrs Macleod gave us some different materials and working in our cooperative groups we were challenged to make a shelter. The shelter had to fit all of our team in, be freestanding, shelter and hide us. We used different materials to enhance our shelters.

What materials are different objects made out of in your back garden?

Year 5 undertake a habitat project.

Year 5 have been learning about different habitats and life cycles. In class they have researched and designed pond plans for our development of a pond on our school grounds. At forest school we found out about what what living and growing on our school grounds and looked at the work of Andy Goldsworthy to inspire our collages of our chosen habitats. The collage had to include plants and animals that may live in that particular habitat. (We also undertook some traditional forest school activities like shelter building and a camp fire!) Take a look …

Learning in KS1 and EYFS – Treasure Map Project

We are learning about directional and positional language as well as developing our map skills. Watch this space to see our beebot treasure maps and treasure hunts we are going to undertake at forest school. Take a look at Reception and Rec/Y1 with blind folds guiding our patner – forward, turning to the N S E W…

Year 1 and Year 2 – Big Bird Watch

As part of our outdoor learning, Key Stage 1 children are undertaking a project – The Big Bird Watch Project We are learning about different sorts of birds, making bird feeders, making bird hides and then, at the end of the project, doing a big bird count. (Part of National bird count for RSPB)

We will the collect, sort, input and answer questions about the data we have collected.

See if you can spot our bird feeders in forest school and around the school grounds.