EYFS and EYFS/Y1 have begun learning at forest school.

For the Reception pupils’- they were introduced to forest school. We learnt about listening to each other, staying within the boundary, not putting anything in our mouth (unless it is drink/snack) and looking after ourselves, others and our forest school environment.

We explored basecamp, the mud pit, climbing logs and we made necklaces for some trees.

Meanwhile, Year 1 pupils were learning to work in cooperative groups. They pretended to be explorers making bridges to cross the river!

Take a look at our learning…

Celebrations at forest school

As part of our topic work about celebrations, EYFS are celebrating forest school style ….experiencing a camp fire!

A couple of weeks ago we whittled sticks to make a skewer and today we toasted marshmallows around the camp fire.

We listened carefully to instructions, watched how Mrs Macleod made a camp fire and in turn toasted our marshmallows.
Here is Ants group…

Other pupils in EYFS will all experience a camp fire before the end of term.
How else could we celebrate?

EYFS learn to measure and use tools safely.

As well as practising bushcraft skills we have learnt in previous weeks, like making shelters, we learnt to whittle. We had to find a stick about the size of our arm and as thick as our finger. We then learnt how to use tools safely to whittle our stick. We also learnt how to use tools safely in the mud pit.

We will use our whittled stick to toast our marshmallows on soon!

EYFS – get changed and go out to forest school.

We have been learning how to use forest school safely. We got changed, collected equipment and went out to forest school. We learnt about base camp, where the boundary lines are and how important it is to listen to everyone so you don’t get hurt. We mustn’t put anything in our mouths and also think about what we are doing to keep ourselves safe (self risk assess).

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