EYFS learn to make hiding places

EYFS learnt to make hiding places and much needed shelters for the terrible weather we have had lately. They learnt the names of different resources we use such as tarpaulin, rope, pegs etc.

Y1 pupils, learnt about different styles of shelters – tie on, lean to and tents style.

We then tested the dens by playing hide and seek.

Take a look…

Did you spot our new shelter at basecamp? – thanks to Mrs Ellis!

KS 1 explorers make shelters.

As part of our topic work about explorers we made shelters. The shelter had to fit us all in, be free standing and protect us from the wind and rain. We considered where we were going to make it and the resources we needed. We worked well in our cooperative groups. Take a look..

Watch this space for our explorer camp fire!

KS1 – simple bushcraft skills; shelter building

We had a recap on how to make a good shelter.

Our criteria: it must be free standing, all the group must fit in, it must shelter you from bad weather and we had to work cooperatively.

We recapped on how to make a ‘tent’, ‘tie on’ and ‘lean to’ shelter. We discussed where and how to make it then all got busy. We then evaluated them at the end against the criteria – what do you think?

Year 1/2 Mini Project – using different materials to make shelters.

As part of our learning about different materials, KS1 have been making shelters with different materials. We could use tarpaulen, branches, rope, fur, hessian and tin foil. We then had to talk about what we had made and say why we had used the materials.

Year 2 completed the Shelter Challenge

We worked in cooperative groups to plan, make, evaluate and test our shelters. It had to fit your group in, look good (including knots and whittled tent pegs), pass the wind and rain test and work well as a team. (Listen to each other, share ideas, take turns, and everyone do a job!)
Look at how we got on…

The Shelter Challenge

Over the next couple of weeks we are undertaking ‘The Shelter Challenge’ at forest school. We will be working in cooperative groups designing, making and evaluating our shelters. We are developing team work skills, making structures, knot tying and whittling to make pegs. We have learnt about different designs of shelters. Who will get the most points in the shelter challenge?

EYFS and Year 1 will make and evaluate dens/hiding places. What this space…