EYFS make talking dinosaurs

At forest school we collected lots of different natural objects like twigs, pine cones, leaves, grass, bark and mud. We talked about what we would see on a dinosaurs face. We then tried to make some scary faces using the natural objects. we took a photograph of them and used an application called morpho to make it look like our dinosaurs were talking.

Take a look at our dinosaurs…

Do you like our dinosaur names?

EYFS learn to measure and use tools safely.

As well as practising bushcraft skills we have learnt in previous weeks, like making shelters, we learnt to whittle. We had to find a stick about the size of our arm and as thick as our finger. We then learnt how to use tools safely to whittle our stick. We also learnt how to use tools safely in the mud pit.

We will use our whittled stick to toast our marshmallows on soon!

EYFS – get changed and go out to forest school.

We have been learning how to use forest school safely. We got changed, collected equipment and went out to forest school. We learnt about base camp, where the boundary lines are and how important it is to listen to everyone so you don’t get hurt. We mustn’t put anything in our mouths and also think about what we are doing to keep ourselves safe (self risk assess).

Take a look at what we got up to …