Year 1, 1/2 and Year 2 look for changes in our new forest.

All of KS 1 have visited forest school and noticed changes to the environment that have occurred over the summer. It now feels like we have a ‘real’ forest, with a basecamp, mud pit area, pond and lots of trees.The pupils took some of the photographs and certainly enjoyed playing hide and seek! Take a look …

KS1 finding living things in our environment.

In our new forest school area, we looked for living things, things that were once alive and things that were dead. We then went looked for life in our pond. Look at what we found…

…tadpoles, dragonfly nymphs, water boatmen, beetles and a newt! Did you spot anything else?

Y2 making shelters using different materials and making willow animals.

Thank you to Mrs Hurst who came into school last week to work with the children to make some willow animals in our new forest. They are fantastic and link into our project after half term.

Have a walk through the new forest to spot the animals but please remind the children to take care of our new willow structures and do not climb on them or damage them in any way.

Please remind the children not to go on the banking – it is there for their safety.