Key Stage 1 are learning about weather at forest school.

Key Stage 1 have been looking at different sorts of weather. We went on winter walks looking for the frostiest, windiest and muddiest places on our school grounds. We are also making a weather station. We have been working in cooperative groups to design and make instruments to measure the weather. Year 1 are making flags or wind socks, Year 1/2 instruments to measure wind speed and Year 2 rain gauges. Here are a few pictures of our learning…

We will go on to compare our weather to the weather in Australia.

Year 1/2 and Year 2 enjoy a safe fire.

As part of our Great Fire of London topic we planned to have a fire and test materials to see which ones burned quickly.
We talked about materials used to make houses today and houses in 1666. We tested a brick, a piece of slate, wood and straw. Can you guess which materials burned quickly?

Of course we had time to toast a marshmallow too!

Year 1/2 Mini Project – using different materials to make shelters.

As part of our learning about different materials, KS1 have been making shelters with different materials. We could use tarpaulen, branches, rope, fur, hessian and tin foil. We then had to talk about what we had made and say why we had used the materials.